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Sore neck muscles

All people experience this problem at least once during their lives. When the neck muscles get sore, it can effect a person's arms, shoulders and the whole upper body. However, lots of things exist that can be of assistance in situations like these.

An injury to the head or neck can cause soreness. Sudden head movements, back injury or even ill-chosen placement of head during sleeping can cause it as well. Sometimes, a sore neck can be an indicator of an underlying condition in a person, that should not be neglected. Cancer and arthritis can be those conditions, but usually it is pretty harmless. Headaches can be among the more serious cases. There are also sore neck muscles accompanied by a sore throat. If a person is experiencing both of these problems at once, then it could mean that it is a symptom of more than one ailment. It could be strep throat or even meningitis. A person should have a talk with the doctor if these symptoms do not go away in 48 hours.

Determine the cause

It is important to determine the cause before applying the treatment. If the pain lasts for more than is normal, a person should seek medical help. In many cases the cause of the pain can be due to bad posture or by sitting for a long period of time at a desk, or even just by using the phone a lot with it being pressed between the ear and the shoulder, also a pillow that is too thick can cause sore neck muscles as well.

Topical remedies

If there is swelling, a person should put ice on the affected area and hold it there for 15 minutes. However, heat can be applied also because it increases circulation and eases stiff muscles. A person can get rid of the soreness through specific exercise and stretching but must be careful when deciding on the type of exercise. Some exercises can increase the severity of the soreness. It is best that a person talks to a professional about the exercises.

Oral remedies

Sometimes it is not necessary for a person to go through all the trouble of exercising or stretching, using certain over the counter medications can get rid of the problem of having sore neck muscles. Ibuprofen and Aspirin are mostly used.

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