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Levitra (vardenafil) is the medicationused to treat eractyle disfunction (or impotence). It works by inhibiting the enzyme known as phosphodiesterase type(DE5). DE5 is present in the lining ofthe blood vessels around corpus cavernosum of the penis. Because of the inhibition,corpus cavernosum gets more blood and that causes the erection.

This medicationwas introduced to the public shortly after the success of Viagra (sildenafil). Bothmedications work by the same mechanism, but Levitra works faster and theerection lasts longer than with Viagra. Most patients using Levitra experiencedimprovement in about half an hour, and the effect lasted for some 5 hours. Anotherdifference is that Levitra can be used by people suffering from many health conditions,including depression, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, spinal cord injury orremoved prostate.

Dosing Levitra

Levitra canbe found in doses of 2.5 mg, 5 mg, 10 mg and 20 mg. These are much lower doses thanin Viagra (available doses are 25, 50 and 100mg) and because of that Levitra isconsidered to be safer and with less side effects than Viagra.

This is aprescription drug for the treatment of impotence and you should consult thedoctor to found out the proper medication and dosage for your case. In mostcases, a doctor will recommend the lowest dose of the drug, and increase the doseif the previous one fails to give expected result (erection). If, for somereason, you start to experience some side effects, doctor might decide not toincrease the dose of Levitra. Usual procedure is to take Levitra and hour beforethe sexual activity, for the tablet takes about 30 minutes to start working.

It might bepossible to get a prescription for Levitra via online clinics, not only byvisiting a doctor. These clinics are free of charge, and the only thing theyrequire is an online questionnaire, regarding your sexual habits, medicationsused and health condition. Doctors will check your answers and prescribe thedrugs, if they think it’s safe for you.


Always makesure to consult a doctor before taking Levitra. At the consult, inform your doctorabout the medications, supplements, remedies you have been taking and aboutyour medical condition. Mention all allergies you might have, especially thoseon some medications.

Do not everincrease the dose of Levitra on your own.

Do not useLevitra with alcohol or heavy food.

Do not useLevitra and other nitrate drugs together.

If yourerection lasts for more than 4 hours or if there are any other side effects fromthe medication – ask for medical help.

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