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Facts that one needs to know about Hytrin before using it

This medication, which is based on an ingredient known as terazosin, belongs to the group of alpha-androgenic blockers, which means that its primary use is in the treatment of high blood pressure. Still, besides its relaxing effect on the blood vessels, it also relaxes the muscles of the prostate and bladder, thus facilitating urination.

As for the most important facts regarding this medication, the person should consult the doctor before deciding to use it, because there are some situations in which this medication should be avoided due to the possible interactions or side effects that might occur. Besides, once the person starts using it, it is not recommended to stop taking it and then begin again, because this is very likely to cause a number of side effects. The person might feel dizziness or even faint due to this, which is why that person needs to consult a doctor if they want to begin with using them again. These problems might emerge even if the person takes this medication regularly, which is why it is not recommended to drive, to get up from a sitting position too suddenly, or to stand for a long time.

People who use this medication and are about to undergo a surgery procedure because of their cataract problems need to inform the surgeon about this detail, but they should not stop using the medication in advance unless the surgeon tells them to. Pregnant women should not use it and neither should those women who plan to stay pregnant, because even though it has not been proven, there is a possibility that Hytrin will harm the baby or fetus.

Side effects and interactions

Allergic reactions, particularly those that are severe, require immediate medical attention, and the same goes for situations in which the patients feel fluttering in the chest, fast heartbeats, swelling in hands, feet or ankles, or painful erections. Some of the side effects that are considered moderate are blurred vision, nausea, and mild dizziness, and unless any of them is present for several days, there is no need for medical attention.

As for the medications that should be carefully combined with Hytrin, or not combined at all, they include Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, as well as diuretics and other medications that reduce blood pressure.

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