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What should be known about the treatment for anorexia?

What might be of greatest importance is the fact that the condition in question certainly can be treated. Since each case is different, special treatment plan needs to be made for every individual who is diagnosed with anorexia nervosa. Elements that will need to be taken into consideration when determining the type of the treatment and when making a plan include the age of the person, the symptoms that are present and their severity, overall medical condition and the period of time during which the condition is present. However, since the majority of people with the problem in question probably has at least a few medical issues that are serious in nature, then the treatment of such issues is one of the primary aims. Aside from it, the goals will also be to help the person gain normal weight and maintain it, which will not be possible without changes in eating habits, and to help them deal with psychological problems, which are usually at the basis of anorexia nervosa.

Most frequently employed treatment methods

Hospitalization is often necessary, although it is rarely enough for the treatment to be successful and the patient to be cured. However, in order for the person in question to stop bingeing or vomiting, as well as in order to put a stop on the weight loss process and make initial steps towards gaining some weight, the person will have to spend some time in the hospital. In this way, the process of gaining weight will be controlled and thus gradual, and it will also be possible to evaluate physical complications and treat them if necessary. Since psychological symptoms are usually present too, it will be easier to address them as well, which is particularly important if those that are really severe and potentially life threatening are present.

Psychotherapy is also an essential part of the treatment, since it helps the patients to face the problem and solve it step by step, as well as to overcome rational and irrational fears. Cognitive behavioral therapy is most often employed and it gives best results because patients learn how to change their ways of thinking and patterns of their behavior. Psychological therapy can also include members of the family and what’s more, it is even highly recommended to include those who will be support to the patient outside the hospital.

As for medications, if they need to be employed, then it is usually in order to treat depression, obsessions, or some emotional problems.

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