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Cardiovascular Illnesses and Prevention

Cardiovascular illnesses cause more than 50% of all deaths in the world and the most notorious killer of them all is a heart disease, which takes more than 12 million of souls every year. High cholesterol levels are the number one cause of the cardiovascular illnesses and this situation can aid the development of diabetes or a stroke. The buildup of the plaque in the walls of arteries is one of the most common causes of the heart attack, along with the atherosclerosis.

Chelation Therapy

Chelation is one alternative to the heart disease treatment. This form of treatment was introduced in the 1984 and at first it was only used for treating metal poisoning, but today various illnesses are treated with this method. In Greek language, the word "chele" stands for the crab's or lobster's claw, which would suggest a grabbing action, and this is why this word is used for the name of this treatment method. This method involves grabbing toxins by the chelating agents, which then bind and take away toxins. By doing this, these agents remove the toxins from the human body via natural process of excretion.

The intravenous chelation is one of the two types of chelation and during this procedure, an agent will be administered into the bloodstream via needle. The second type of the therapy includes the use of soft gel, tablet, liquid or some other form, and it is called oral chelation. The most popular form of the chelation method is oral chelation and this is because it is very affordable treatment, there is no need to go to the hospital every time you need a session, and it less intrusive. This is a non-medical procedure which makes an attachment between the toxins and between other harmful substances and the toxins, and in this way, coronary diseases are avoided.

Agents used during the chelation procedure have strong attraction, both physical and chemical, to iron, mercury, lead and other heavy particles. Once the agents reach the bloodstream, they will attach to the particles, transfer them to the kidneys, and then the body will eliminate them from the organism.

EDTA is one of the chelation agents and it can make the bones stronger and increase the cholesterol metabolism and calcium, thus decreasing the level of cholesterol. Original Oral Chelation formula #1 has EDTA, along with the vitamins C and B12, bee pollen and royal bee. Assimilation of the agents into the human body is made easier by the presence of several nutrients and antioxidants found in the oral chelation therapies. They are plant sterols, lipoic acid, B vitamin, honey and others. If you try this method out, it can eliminate the cause of the problem and reduce the chances of experiencing metal toxicity, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and other cardiovascular issues.

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