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Salts that “enchant”by smell

To the greatest majority of people this variety of saltis most familiar and best known from the numerousscenes of movies they have watched. They have been employedin those moments when there was a need for “instant fainting” of the actress or the actor, and it was something that people come to regard as quite normal.

When we scrape a bitmore under this movie-oriented surface, what we find is that smelling saltsactually represent a mixture of ammonium carbonate together with a specificvariety of a perfume. They also go under the name of salts volatile and salts ofhartshorn. In terms of producing those effects that tend to enchant ladies so much that they cannot resist it and just desire to lay gently on the ground,ammonium carbonate forms the basis. As far as its general outlook is concerned,it has the same exterior as the salt we have in our kitchen –white in color as well. Given that people do not have many opportunities toactually witness their effect, most of all because they have no use of them andno evident need, it must be said that they do work when necessity arises, andthis has also been proven by numerous research studies, and by plentiful ofeveryday situations as well.

Smell and you shallfaint

One thing that hasbeen proven is that once the ammonium carb. salt comes in touch with eitherwater or a perfume, the chemical reaction that takes place then produces fumes.And if the receptacle containing the smelling salt is put under one’s nose,these fumes being sufficiently strong to irritate the mucus membrane in thenose, as well as the throat and the lungs, have the power to bring one back fromthe slumber.

Many will certainlyask if there are any implications in case of overdoing it, but it can be safelysaid that up until this day, no such cases were reported. However, dangers lie intheir ultimate disposal. They are known to be extremely detrimental for fish. Inaddition, in case a person has acquired greater quantities of this variety ofthe salt, it is highly recommended to keep them in an airy spot since the overtbuild up of ammonia gas is known to be extremely dangerous because it can bringabout and induce various respiratory and other similar complicationsand disorders.

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