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In the earlier years, American used to eat too much sugar, salt and fat. They used too much chemicals in their agriculture. The soil where they grew plants is now depleted. All these things created more and more diseases among people. These illnesses include heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis, arthritis, digestive maladies, chronic tiredness etc. Most of these conditions are actually caused by stress on one hand and the loss of magnesium on the other hand.

Epson salt is magnesium sulfate and thus can help us increase magnesium levels in our bodies. Stress causes our body to produce too much adrenaline and this process then causes depletion of magnesium. Magnesium aids our body in binding serotonin which then help us feel happy and relaxed. If one has got enough magnesium in body they will less suffer from heart and circulatory problems. Magnesium will help our bodies to use insulin and thus prevent diabetes ( if one has diabetes it will help easing it too). Magnesium will aid in having enough calcium in the blood thus it is essential for our bones, too. Epsom salt can also treat gout inflammation of our feet and joints (addsome to your bath tub and soak affected parts in it for about half anhour). Epsom salts are known to improve nerve function (they regulate electrolytes). Epsom salts are also rich in sulfates and thus will help in maintaining healthy brain tissue, joints and will also help in having good digestive tract. Sulfates are essential in our body’s ability to detox. Epsom salt bath will also increase detoxing and at the same time will relax us. It is also great for skin, that is, it is used to reduce swelling and it is great exfoliator. One can also add baby oil or olive oil to strengthen the good effect on skin. It will also help with painful muscles and feet and can even diminish bruises. If one suffers from arthritis they can help themselves with epsom salt bath. It is advisable for one to rest after it and then move as much as possible. If epsom salt is combined with conditioner it is good for our hair. If combined with good facial crème it will clean our skin and refresh it.

Epsom salt can be used in garden too. It eliminates plant pests. In the same way it can eliminate lice from hair. It can eliminate mites too (one can mix epsom salts and water in the bottle, then shake and pour on their body).

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