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Smelling salts are normally used for the revival of consciousness, and they have been used for such purposes for numerous years now. It has been used in the Victorian times, especially in women who had problems with sudden bouts of fainting fits. Nowadays, times are changed especially when it comes to medical field, which has seen significant development in recent decades. In spite of such noticeable progress, smelling salts are still used for the aforementioned purposes. It is a relatively unknown fact that smelling salts need to be included in the medical kit of every sportsman. There are no scientific studies and researches which can confirm the efficacy of the smelling salts, but there are certain side effects associated with the use of smelling salts which have been confirmed on a scientific level. Side effects of smelling salts may include misdiagnoses of numerous different types of complicated medical conditions and sometimes even spine injury.

What Are Smelling Salts

Smelling salts are actually a combination of perfume and ammonium carbonate which is most commonly used as an inhaling stimulant. Most different types of smelling salts available on the market are a combination of ethanol, water and dilute ammonia. The active compound of all smelling salts is the aforementioned ammonium carbonate. Some people use smelling salts for the treatment of headaches as well. One should always be careful when using smelling salts, because when they are used in high concentrations they can be associated with the occurrence of certain side effects. Smelling salts need to be put under the nostrils and then inhaled. When the ammonia gas gets inhaled it is very efficient in irritating the mucous membranes of the lungs and the nose. The muscles which control the breathing get stimulated as well and they start working faster, so it all ends up making the person suddenly feel much more active. Smelling salts are supposedly very efficient in reviving a person who has lost consciousness.

Smelling Salts Dangers

Any substances which is taken or ingested in substantial amounts can be harmful in some way. Smelling salts are definitely not an exception to that rule. Since smelling salts increase the respiratory rate and the depth of breathing. These occurrences may lead to different types of spine injuries. These salts may also cause involuntary neck movements as a reflex to the irritation. Smelling salts may also be associated with various different types of complicated medical conditions which may even be fatal.

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