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For many people, the bath is some sort of sacred place wherethey enjoy some privacy and intimacy and indulge in the most supreme way ofrelaxation. It is the place where people usually tend to forget about all thenegative aspects of their daily lives. It is also a place for the developmentof creative ideas and fertile plans. When in the bath, people usually read abook or indulge in some other relaxing activity. The vast array of accessorieswhich can be added to the water such as bath salts, bath foam, bath oils andnumerous others can heighten the sense of relaxation even more. The pleasure ofbathing is greatly affected by the temperature of the water. When thetemperature of water exceeds the 40 degree mark it has a very stimulatingeffect on the human body. This temperature increases the heart rate veryefficiently so it is not a good idea to take such a warm bath before going tosleep. A bath which involves such temperatures is highly recommended afterexcessive exercises because it is very efficient in soothing the muscles andincreases the blood circulation around the entire body. Such high temperatureis also greatly beneficial for the skin because it is very efficient in openingthe skin pores and flushing away all the sweat and the dirt. Various bath oilsand bath foams may come in very handy when it comes moisturizing and nurturingthe skin.

Cold baths provide a completely opposite effect. They areknown for triggering a rush from the head to the toes. Cold baths are veryefficient in increasing the blood circulation and stimulating the metabolism.It also wakes up the person both physically and mentally. The middle of thefield is the bathing water which has a temperature between 38 and 40degrees. This type of water stimulatesthe parasympathetic nervous system and increases the emission of noradrenalin.

Bathing Do’s and Don’ts

It is highly recommended not to bath for longer than 20minutes because it may lead to skin dryness and exhaust the person. Soaking incold bath for longer than 3 minutes should also be avoided. One should neverbath for 40 minutes after eating. One shouldnever bath more than twice per day because it may cause the skin to become toodry. Hot baths before bedtime should also be avoided because they increase theheart rate.

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