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Benefits of lithium orotate in comparison to lithiumcarbonate

Lithium orotate is a variety of lithium that appearedafter lithium carbonate as a version that has fewer side effects than theprevious one. Since lithium carbonate is effective only if it reaches particularintracellular structures, the doctors tend to prescribe it in a bit higherdoses, just to make sure that it will be absorbed. However, the increaseddosage of lithium is definitely not good and it results in a number of problems, which would not be present if the dosage were smaller. One of the problems is possible lithium toxicity, because unabsorbed part of lithium remains in theblood. On the other side, lithium orotate is absorbed by thecells more easily and quickly thanks to its chemical formula and structure, and thus the possibility ofits increased levels in the blood is excluded.

Side effects of lithium orotate

Even though lithium has proven to be more than helpful in thetreatment of numerous conditions, and even though it is much safer than lithiumcarbonate, the fact is that it is not free of side effects. Some risks andnegative effects are associated with it as well, which is why those who areabout to be treated with it should be well informed about the symptoms that mightbe experienced. This is important because in some cases it is necessary toimmediately consult the doctor who prescribed the medication, while in othercases, immediate medical help might be of vital importance. Since it isclassified as a natural supplement, it can be obtained even without theprescription from the doctor as an over-the-counter medication. However, eventhough it is much easier to obtain this than any other lithium version, and even thoughit is much safer than these other versions, it does not mean that it should be consumed withoutprevious consultations with a physician. Some of the possible signs of lithiumtoxicity include diarrhea, vomiting, weakness in the muscles, problems withcoordination, vision and hearing, while side effects that can be expected and thatmight have nothing to do with toxicity (but with a slight change in the dosage) includehand tremors, thirst, and frequent urination. Some studies indicate that long-termtreatment with this medication might result in a serious damage to the kidneysand even renal failure, but the fact is that none of these claims has beenproved officially.

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