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Sexual abuse

Sexual abuse is one of the worst forms of abuses that a person can endure. A person that has been a victim of a sexual abuse can be healed with the help of therapist and through self-determination. Rape, mobbing, inappropriate touching, abuse of children and spouse belong to sexual abuse, which causes physical and psychological consequences that can be very painful. The memory of the abuse can follow the victim for a long time, leaving painful and long-lasting emotional scars.

In some cases, victims make themselves believe that they brought it on themselves and that they are responsible for all of the abuse. That way of thinking is wrong, leaving the victim to deal with more pain. The state of sexual abused victims is very negative and they see everything black. They tend to manifest emotions such as anger, depression and betrayal. They often doubt in themselves, are abhorred by themselves and their behaviour and that all leads to low self-esteem. The period of healing and dealing with that traumatic event is a very long process and it demands a counselling.


With the help of counselling, the victims can discover the cause of their issues and return to the life that they lead before the trauma. Approaches that are used in counselling of the sexual abuse victims are individual, cognitive-behavioural and group therapies. With the proper counselling, a victim of sexual abuse can restore her inner life and deal with the past in the purpose of proceeding with life. That kind of an event can never bee forgotten, but it can be learned how to deal with it. Sexual abuse problem is a major problem in the whole world and every year there are more victims. According to the statistics, the vast majority of victims are abused by people who are very close to them or who are family. If a victim wants, he/she can file civil charges so that the crime is brought to courts and the responsible one is charged for its crime.

Emotional state of victim

Scars that are left after the sexual abuse are very deep. The counselling process is long and victim needs to have a lot of courage to begin with it, because during counselling, the event of sexual abuse is revealed again and it can be very difficult for a victim to cope with. On the other hand, counselling can be very expensive and that is why victims want to file civil claims against their perpetrators, so that, they can cover some of the costs. We are all aware that sexual abuse has no price, but it is the least thing that could be done for a victim. Most of lawyers don’t take their fees until the trial is over, and if a person does get some compensation, that fee takes some percents from it.

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