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Xatral medicine is in the form of a tablet, and itcan be found under a different name as a generic medicine. The prostate glandis present in male population and it has the function to connect the urinarybladder to the urethra. When men become older, there is a big chance that theirprostate gland will expand. That can cause problems while urinating. Alfuzosin,contained in Xatral, helps in blocking alpha-receptors in the prostate gland,or, more precisely, in its muscle, which further helps in relaxation of theprostate muscle and decreases problems during urination.

At the beginning of the treatment with Xatral, sideeffects such as passing out or lightheadedness may occur. Due to this, it isbetter to take Xatral before going to sleep. If you are standing up or moving,be aware that these side effects can show up. If they do, you should sit downor lie until the dizziness passes. In some people, consumption of alcohol mayincrease the side effects. If you are taking this medicine, be careful whiledriving or doing any other activity which requires absolute awareness. As longas these side effects are present, you shouldn’t do anything like this. Theblood pressure can also vary, so it needs to be controlled. If you need tohave operation of cataracts, you need to tell the surgeon that you use thismedication. He may demand that you stop taking the medicine for some timebefore the operation. This is needed in order to avoid possible complications.

The usage of this medicine must be monitored inolder people, when kidneys and liver are not functioning properly, when thereis an allergic reaction to alpha-blockers, or when there is a problem with highblood pressure.

This medication shouldn’t be used if there aregenetic conditions such as galactose intolerance, the Lapp lactase deficiencyor glucose-galactose malabsorption. Xatral usage is not encouraged withthe person who passed out while urinating, either.Usage of Xatral can induce unwanted effects asmost of the other medications. Those side effects are different in differentindividuals. Some people might never feel these side effects. The mostcommon side effects are: feeling dizzy, headache, pain in the stomach, lack ofstrength, problems with keeping you balance, decreased blood level, pain in thechest, tachycardia, skin problems and many more. Here are described onlysome of the side effects that can occur due to this. If you need additional informationabout Xatral, you should talk to your doctor.

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