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A very effective medicine in the treatment of various anxiety disorders and alcohol withdrawal is librium, because, being a part of the group called benzodiazepines, it has to power to enhance the effects of particular chemicals in the brain, thus causing the seizures to stop, sleepiness, relaxation of muscles and reduction of anxiety. It is also known as a tranquilizer and sedative.

Possible side effects of librium

Even though certain side effects are possible with this medication, it is important to say that they do not occur frequently, and that the majority of them is not serious. The ones which may be discomforting and unpleasant are problems with coordination, confusion, constipation, changes in the menstrual cycle, body movements that cannot be controlled and decreased sexual desire. However, none of these symptoms is permanent, and they usually go off after a while.

The symptoms that cannot be left to go off on their own are depression, hallucinations, suicidal thoughts, problems with breathing, lower blood pressure, and signs of allergic reaction or problems with liver. They should be reported to the health care provider as soon as possible, because they require professional evaluation on whether the medication should be used further, or changed by another one. Very serious problems related to this medication are dependence and addiction, both of which can develop if the person uses it for a longer time, or in increased doses.

How to avoid at least some of the possible side effects?

First of all, in order to reduce the risk of the possible side effects to minimum, it is necessary to use the medication exactly as the doctor has prescribed it, meaning to stick to the prescribed dose and form of medication, as well as to avoid missing the doses. Overdose with this medication may cause serious problems, some of which may even be life-threatening, and the same goes for the combination of librium with alcohol.

Second of all, the doctors should check before prescribing this medication if the patient might be suffering from certain conditions such as kidney or liver failure, allergy, depression, and they should also find out if the patient had problems with alcoholism before, because the use of librium in such cases may cause more problems than benefits.

The patient should be extra careful and very well informed, because the combination of this medication with anesthetics may cause serious side effects, as well as combination of this medication with antidepressants, antipsychotics, sleeping pills, even some antibiotics, and many other medications.

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