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What exactly is deca durabolin and when to use it?

Deca durabolin is a type of weak anabolic steroidwhich is very similar to testosterone and it is used in a wide range ofdiseases and situations. It has proven to be helpful in the treatment of severaltypes of anemia, certain types of breast cancer, HIV and AIDS, hereditaryangioedema, but also in relieving the pain in the joints. It is also commonlyused by bodybuilders and weightlifters, and in their case, it has the purpose toincrease the muscle mass. In comparison to other steroids that they tend to usefor the same purpose, it has lesser side effects. The duration of the treatmentis 12 days usually, and during that time, it should be administered into themuscle approximately once a week, because it tends to stay in the body muchlonger than other steroids, usually about 10 days, thus decreasing the need forits frequent usage.

Possible side effects of deca durabolin

As for the androgenic side effects, they can beexperienced, though a lot less than when other steroids are used. Acne and oilyhair are very common, as well as vomiting, diarrhea, and chills, but none ofthem is serious. Those which are concerning are hypogonadism, loss of hair, shrinkageof testicle, ulcers or cysts in liver with the tendency of bleeding, andimpotence or decreased sexual drive. In case it transforms into estrogen, whichis also possible sometimes, it can lead to gynecomastia and changes in the voiceand temper. It can provoke hypertension and blood clotting, damage ofliver, problems with reproductive system and even sterility, though thishappens in cases when this steroid has been used over a longer period of time. Someof these side effects may lead to congestive heart failure, and in such cases,the final outcome may even be fatal.

A very serious side effect of deca durabolin is alsoincreased violence and aggression, which can easily turn into psychosis in somecases. This happens due to the increased level of testosterone in the body. Also, the fact is that these side effects appear depending on the personalityand character of the people who use it, meaning that they are much more likelyto occur in those who are susceptible to violent or aggressive behavior. In order to reduce the risks of side effects tominimum, it is important to consult professionals and doctors before using thissteroid, and to use it exactly as prescribed.

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