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Side effects of steroids


Almost everybody who goes to the gym and works out thinks that steroids are associated with a lot of side effects and that they are somewhat legendary. This is a known fact and many athletes can confirm this because their careers have failed due to use of steroids. The performances that are created due to the use of steroids develop very fast and this is the main reason why steroids are so commonly used and steroid abuse occurs so often. By using steroids, an athlete is able to get short bursts of great endurance and physical strength. But this can cause a lot of problems, unless you are using steroids due to a prescription from the doctor. Nevertheless, for some of its benefits medical workers are more than grateful, and the immune system suppression that occurs when a person takes steroids is one of them. This allows doctors to use certain medications that work only in such situation. So you can see that there is another purpose of steroids.

Side Effects

Previous medical history and time of the steroid abuse will determine the severity of the side effects. There are so many serious problems that can be developed if a person abuses steroids for a longer period of time, and sometimes they are even permanent and cannot be cured. Some of them are psychiatric complications, physical characteristics of men appearing among women and vice versa, growth arrest among adolescents and others. One of the mythical side effects of which there is no evidence is the rage. Kidney failure, liver tumors, strokes and premature heart attacks are brought in connection with the steroid abuse as well. The use of infected needles while using steroids can lead to hepatitis, HIV and many other lethal diseases. Once a person starts to use supplements that are naturally produced by a human body, the body starts an automatic adjustment. This can be a problem if a person uses steroids because it impairs the natural hormone production. Production of the testosterone and estrogen is mostly affected by this and many health issues can come out from this situation. Chemicals, along with the steroids, are produced by liver, and there are some indications that liver can be damaged by the steroid abuse, although this is not scientifically confirmed. Reduction of the HDL cholesterol can happen due to the use of steroids but many think that this is not a big problem, mostly because steroids increase the good LDL cholesterol. Steroids can do this because they send the unused cholesterol to the liver where it is broken down, and this will protect the arteries. Another side effect of steroids is the development of male breast tissue, or gynecomastia, which occurs due to the high levels of estrogen. Steroids can also develop acne issue or make it worse. Know that steroids create great effects on natural functioning of the body and can lead to serious damage if used for a longer period of time.

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