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Microgynon Pill and How to Take It

The Microgynon pill is a form of a widely used oral contraceptive that is made from two artificial female hormones, one being ethtinylestradiol, which is a substitute for estrogen and the other levonorgestrel, a substitute for progesterone. The purpose of these hormones is to cancel the ovulation in the menstrual cycle, as well as to produce more of the bulky layer of secretion that covers the womb in order to stop an embryo from possibly attaching onto the womb. In addition, taking of the Microgynon pill entails the same procedure as taking any other oral contraceptive. There are 28 pills in the package that are marked by the days in a week and the first 21 pills contain the hormones, while the other 7 do not. During the time when a person is taking the last 7 pills the period will come, while at the same time the individual will not be able to get pregnant even though the pills are hormone free. Further, the best day to start taking the pill is the first day of the period, although it is possible to start it on the 5th day as well, or the first Sunday after the period has started as to be in sync with the labels of the days of the week by which the pills are marked. Further, after giving birth, it is advised to wait for 3 weeks before going back to the pill, but only if the person is not nursing the child. In case of a stopped pregnancy, it is recommended that there is a wait period of one week before going back to the pill, during which another form of birth control should be utilized. Also, in case a person forgets to take the pill, as soon as she remembers she should take it as to not disrupt the cycle. However, if for any reason a person often forgets to take it on time, it is advised that she consults with a medical care provider and explore other birth control options. There is a strict regimen that needs to be followed concerning the course of action that should be taken in case pills are forgotten. If it is 3 or more pills in a cycle that are missed, the person is risking an unwanted pregnancy and should reduce that risk by utilizing another form of birth control. If the pills that are missed fall into the third week of the cycle, the 7 hormone free pills should be discarded and a new package of pills started instead. The most dangerous period to forget to take the pill is during the first week, for that’s when the chance of an unwanted conception is the highest in the cycle of the pills.

Side Effects

There are numerous side effects when it comes to taking the Microgynon kind of pill, and they range from physical to emotional. For instance, a person taking the pill may experience headaches, nausea, sensitivity in the breasts and weight gain. In addition, some changes in the menstrual cycle may also occur. Finally, the pill may contribute to a diminished sex drive, and lead to depression.

How Different is Femodene?

Femodene is very similar to the microgynon kind of pill, as it too has 21 pills made up of two hormones, gestodene and ethinyloestradiol, which resemble the female sex hormones and 7 hormone free pills to be taken during the menstrual cycle. The package is to be started on the first day of the period and is very efficacious in stopping unwanted pregnancies if a person obeys the strict regimen recommended by a health care professional. Further, to prescribe the Femodene birth control pill, a physician will look at the patient’s medical history for any possible issues that might be made worse by the hormones in the pill. For instance, a pill will not be prescribed to an individual suffering from any kind of blood clothing, hypertension and many respiratory problems. Having had cancer or diabetes will not allow the person to take Femodene pills. Also, any heart or liver conditions, as well as being currently pregnant will stop any doctor from prescribing this type of birth control.

Side Effect of Femodene

The side effects that can appear if a person takes Femodene are vast, but are likely to disappear after the first couple of months. The side effects are similar to those produced by the Microgynon pill and include headaches, higher blood pressure than usual, pain in the abdomen and nausea. Also, another side effect includes weight gain, a diminished libido and depression. It should be noted that when taking other medication to treat an illness, for instance antibiotics, the effects of the Femodene are reduced to the point where for the rest of the month another kind of birth control is highly recommended to avoid an unwanted pregnancy.

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