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About tranexamic acid

Tranexamic acid is a prescription medicine, which is alsosold under the brand name Cyklokapron. It is not intended for the long-termuse, and it can be used for a week the most. It is used in cases in which excessivebleeding needs to be controlled or prevented, during or after the surgery, inpatients in which bleeding is caused by some kind of trauma or injury, in dentalprocedures, in people with hemophilia, in menstrual bleedings which are relatedto uterine fibroids, etc. It can be found in the form of tablet and injection,and it is efficient because it blocks the blood clots breakdown.

Side effects oftranexamic acid and ways to prevent them

Even though not all the people in which tranexamic acid hasbeen used will experience side effects, it is important to inform them inadvance about the possible ones so that they would know which are serious andwhich will disappear very quickly. As for the side effects related to thenervous system, anxiety, dizziness, and confusion have been reported, but it isnot impossible that some may experience blurred vision as well. Diarrhea,vomiting or nausea may occur, as well as loss of appetite and frequenturination, which is usually related to the increased need of fluid intake. Sideeffects that do require medical attention, or at least medical advice as soonas possible, are irregular heartbeat, drop of the blood pressure, numbness,swelling and pain in the arms or legs.

In order to avoid side effects that may be the result ofinteraction between tranexamic acid and certain other drugs, it is necessary toinform the doctor about other medicines that are used at the same time. In somecases, all it takes is to adjust the doses, while in others the use of bothmedicines at the same time is strictly forbidden. If some of the medications suchas, for example, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, medicines with factorIX complex, birth control pills, or so-called blood thinners have already beenused, then the doctor should carefully think about all the pros and cons,before making the decision whether or not tranexamic acid should be used atall. Sometimes, he may require additional blood tests before making such adecision. People who have problems such as thrombosis, blood clots, stroke or kidneydisease should not use this medication at all.

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