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Senokot, also known as Senna, can be used for the treatment of constipation. Senokot should be used only after the consultation with a doctor. A person always has to take the medicine, he is directed to by the doctor. Senokot cannot replace the medication. Many Senokot supplements can be found in the pharmacies, but the care has to be taken regarding its usage and dosage. The dosage is always attached to the product so a person should never take more than prescribed in the product labels. It is not recommended for use longer than one week.


The most important thing to remember is to seek doctor's help when considering the use of Senokot. The doctor can give information on reliable Senokot herbal or other health supplements. The symptoms can wear off after some time, but if they do not, the doctor should be familiar with the symptoms and the present state of his patient using Senna. Unless prescribed by the doctor, tablets and liquids or some other Senokot forms are not to be used at the same time.Always stick to one form of Senokot supplements. Two different Senokot supplements can cause more problems and produce numerous side-effects. Senokot needs 6 to 12 hours to show its efficacy, thus the best time for taking it is immediately before the bedtime. In the morning, bowel is emptied and constipation problem gradually lessens. A doctor or a pharmacist warns the patient who wants to use Senokot of any possible limitations the patient should adhere to. The patient may be advised on which food or drinks to avoid and how to conduct himself in the case of missing the dose or overdose. If a person misses one dose of Senokot, he or she should not take it if the time for the next dose is near. Skip the missed dose and then take the other. Senokot should never be taken in double doses due to possible side-effects.

Side Effects

Senokot can trigger allergic reactions manifested in the skin rashes, swollen face, arms or legs, but also tongue. Swollen tongue and throat cause heavy breathing so emergency help is needed as soon as possible. Other side-effects include diarrhea and painful stomach, frequent urination and nausea. The urine may change color and have unpleasant smell, the person is likely to pass gases and have cramps. A person will probably feel pains in the muscles and joints and experience the feeling of uneasiness and numbness in arms or legs. Sometimes toes and fingers may swell. Senokot may also lead to irregular heart beating. It can also lead to the forming of the mass, bezoar, in the small intestines and cause the finger clubbing.

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