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A few words about the breast enlargement

Since having the big pair of breasts is one of the most important criteria in the issue on how to look good nowadays, it is also very trending subject and the common point of disagreements. Also, the consequence of the popularity of enhancing the size of the breasts, especially after the announcement that it is possible and done by the simple surgical intervention, is that there are a lot of ways to do it. However, most common is the surgical procedure of putting the implants made of the silicone into the breasts, and it is the important part of the plastic surgery and very lucrative business nowadays.

The possible unwanted consequences

So, it is very important to get to know the possible complications of such the procedure and to be aware of them before undergoing the breast enlargement procedure. And this text is about these unwanted possible consequences of enhancing the breast size surgically.

Nevertheless, there are the two general ways of performing the procedure; by locating the silicone beneath or above the breast muscle. The higher risk of the scar going bad is provided when the silicone is put over the muscular tissue. The likely consequence is that this scar is painful and causes the sense of the stiffness and, additionally, the breasts very much resemble the regularly shaped balls, which doesn’t look natural at all. This problem is usually treated with another surgical procedure on the scar itself.

Also, in the cases of the implant put over the muscle, the good X-ray examination of the breasts couldn’t be performed. But, the at home searching of the possible lump-like formations can be done in the both cases. Also, the ultrasound and the scanner examining could be performed successfully wherever the silicone is located. Apart from that, the breastfeeding isn’t endangered neither.

Another type of the problem could occur in the case of the dislocation of the implant, which could be also successfully solved with another surgical intervention of putting the implant into the previous normal position. Besides that, the silicone implant often cracks and the content from it accumulates into the breast, leading to the inevitable inflammatory process, if not extracted right away.

The surgery itself can lead to the infectious process as well, but this is the rare case scenario. However, if this still happens, the problem is solved by the use of the orally taken antibiotics or by the total removal of the damaged implant, but, the new one could be put into the breast only after the period of one half of the year.

However, the most common problem of the breast surgery is the loss of the sense in the nipples. Also very often is the problem of the uneven and rough skin surface, especially in the cases of another type of the implants which are based on the substance called saline. Additionally, these implants usually tend to contract in the volume and that is why they are usually replaced with the new ones.

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