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Beta blockers are oral medications used in the treatment ofhypertension (heightened blood pressure) and some other heart problems, such asangina pectoris, arrhythmias and heart failure. These medications can also beused to prevent serious migraines or to treat pheochromocytoma.

Beta blockers work by blocking the effects of adrenaline andnoradrenaline. Most of the beta blockers affect the beta 1 and beta 2receptors, which mean they affect the heart, kidneys, blood vessels, muscles,uterus, liver and the lungs.

Beta blockers are not recommended for hypertension patients sufferingfrom asthma and these patients should find another way to treat their bloodpressure problems. Also, these medications have been known to cause adverseeffects, including: heartburn, vomiting, diarrhea, cold hands and feet,tiredness, dizziness and sleeping problems. Because of all these facts, manypeople turn to natural remedies that can be used instead of the drugs.

How to Choose Natural Treatment

While many natural and herbal remedies have been known toaid people fighting their illnesses, always be aware that they, too, might notbe safe to use. Even if something is called “natural” treatment or therapy itcould also interact with some other drugs you have been using. Natural remediescan also contain some additional ingredients, which may be non-standardizeddrugs.

Always consult your doctor and ask for his professional opinionabout substituting your medications with herbal or natural remedies.

Natural Beta Blockers

Certain herbs and remedies have been known to affect thehuman organism in the same way beta blockers do. Passion flower and chamomilehave been used for centuries to control the blood pressure, while pomegranate andL-arginine are only proclaimed to help people suffering from cardiovascularproblems.

Chamomile tea is known all over the world as the natural antioxidant,anti-hypertension and beta blocker remedy. Polyphenols in chamomile tea haveextraordinary antioxidant properties and they could protect the body from the harmfulfree radicals, affecting the heart or provoking cancers.

Passion flower or May pop is easily find in many health foodstores, as capsules or tinctures. This medicinal herb is the treatment foranxiety, insomnia, muscle relaxation and even some pains. It has no addictionpotential, but it is not advisable to use passion flower remedies withoutmedical prescription.

Pomegranate juice and L-arginine are recommended to be usedin heart-related problems, but their effects are not so well studied. L-arginineis an amino acid, normally found in chocolate, grains and sesame seeds, but itcan also be found in pill and tablet forms. It’s always advisable to consultyour doctor about using L-arginine as the treatment for any of your healthproblems. Pomegranate juice is the natural way to address you heart problemsand hypertension, but you should inform your doctor about this remedy andcontinue to use your current medications.

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