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Every day people place a certain amount of stress on their shoulders. This is the reason why internal shoulder injuries occur in so many people. In most cases, the antibiotics and massage oils get rid of the pain. However, there are some people who are in need of a surgery in order to get rid of the pain. Once the muscles get fractured, dislocated or separated, the surgery is an only option left. People should also know that there are various types of shoulder surgeries available. Once the surgery is over, a person will need to perform certain exercises in order to get his or her shoulder back into shape.

Types of shoulder surgeries

Nowadays, there is no shoulder injury that cannot be repaired with a certain surgery.

Rotator cuff repair is a common surgery. Four different muscles located in the shoulder joint make the rotator cuff. Tendons are formed thanks to these muscles. This procedure is done in order to get rid of the pain in the shoulder and to better the movement and functioning of the muscles and tendons in the shoulder. It is the elderly people who are in need of this surgery most often.

Arthroscopy is also a very popular shoulder surgery. Shoulder pain is cured once the loose tissues are removed. This procedure is done with an incision.

Shoulder surgery recovery tips

A lot of people believe that shoulder exercises are the only and the best way to recover from a shoulder injury. People need to remember that these exercises are not to be performed right after the surgery. A person should first regain the strength in the shoulder before starting with the exercises. There are several exercises that should be done after the surgery but not every exercise is for every surgery. That is why it is important that a person talks to an orthopedic before deciding on the exercise plan.

Shoulder flexion is the simplest exercise that should be done after the surgery. A person simply needs to lift the arms upwards and hold them in that position for ten seconds or so. The elbows need to remain straight. 3 repetitions in 3 sets should be done every day.Apart from these exercises, a person should get to know as much as he or she can about supported shoulder rotation, shoulder abduction, walk up exercise and shoulder extension exercises.

Shoulder recovery period

In most cases of shoulder surgery, it will take a lot of time for the shoulder to heal, some 6 or 7 months. Since not all people are the same, it may take more time for some. There are also several phases in which the recovery occurs.

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