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Shoulder injuries

It is considered that the shoulder injuries areamong the most frustrating and painful injuries and when one tries to get ridof them, they simply do not go away. The affected person with a shoulderinjury has the problems to perform even the simplest things such as for example,getting dressed, which becomes very troublesome and painful. When the rotator cuff is injured,the person finds it difficult to raise the arm even halfway, while liftingof arm above the level of head is almost impossible.

Shoulder injuries are very hard to recover fromsince the rotator cuff in the shoulder has a very complex structure. The rotatorcuff got this name according to its capability to allow motion through 360 degreesand it is the only joint in the human body which can do that. The rotator cuff is made of a couple of muscle groupsand tendons, which are perfectly coordinated and they fix the arm to theshoulder blade and give the stability to the shoulder.

It can be said that the rotator cuff injuries are acommon occurrence since we use this complex structure all the time and thus wemake constant stress on it. The injury of the rotator cuff may occur whenfalling down or when overusing it, or when we try to reach some object, thus over-stretching or hyper-extending at an awkward angle. Weightlifting, many sports activitiesand aging are also some of the reasons behind the rotator cuff injuries.

Symptoms of shoulder injury

When a shoulder injury occurs, it causes pain inthis region, which is sometimes unceasing, and it seems that there is nothing that can be done to relieveit. Due to this, every use of the shoulder becomes antagonizing. The shoulder is weakand the person usually just stops using the arm thinking that thus the pain willgradually go away. However, in most cases, the pain continues and when it persistsfor a long period of time, it may lead to the occurrence of rotator cufftearing.

Treatment for shoulder injury

Which treatment will be employed depends on the kindof the injury. Sometimes it is just a mild inflammation of the muscles withouta serious damage to the rotator cuff and in this case, home remedies are enoughand they can repair the injury. A lot of rest, cold pressures, painkillers and anti-inflammatorymedicines are necessary in these mild cases of the shoulder injury. When thepain ceases, then the person should make the shoulder strong with certain exercises. On the other side, when the rotator cuff is torn, asurgery is necessary.

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