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If yourperiod is shorter than usual, you would ask yourself if you are pregnant. Menstruation usually lasts for five to sevendays each month and the bleeding during these periods can be different amongwomen. Some of them can have light bleeding, while others may experienceextremely heavy periods followed by pain in the pelvis. When a woman whohas heavy menstrual bleeding that lasts long experiences light period in durationof 2 days, she may wonder if she is pregnant. That certainly is one of the possiblereasons of this change. However, there can be other reasons for light periods.

Reasons for shortperiods

If you areusing contraceptive pills, you may have light periods due to their action inyour body. Most of the women who use pills have light periods that last shorterthan before taking pills. Also, the reason for short periods can be distress.If a woman feels tensed, anxious or stressed out, her period may be delayed andshorter than usual. Some health conditions may cause changes in your periodalso. If you are using drugs for longer period of time, you can expect that yourmenstrual blood flow will be lighter than normally. Finally, those women whoare entering their menopausal period can have changes regarding theirmenstrual cycle. They usually have light periods that are not regular.

Pregnancyand short periods

If you hadintercourse without using protection 7 to 14 days before your period, you havegreat chances to be pregnant. But, we all know that the period does not occur if awoman is pregnant. Well, there is a possibility that a woman has animplantation bleeding that happens when the egg cell bonds to the womb. Thiskind of bleeding is very light and it is more spotting than bleeding. The colorof this discharge is different than usual and it lasts for about two to threedays.

There are some other signs that can indicate pregnancy besides this lightbleeding. The usual sign of an early pregnancy is weariness and women can feelworn out without any obvious reason. Also, if you have frequent urge to go tothe bathroom, it may be because of the pregnancy. The common symptom of pregnancyis soreness of the breasts. If you feel sick in the morning, throw upfrequently and feel dizzy, that can also be the sign that you are pregnant. There is achance that you could be pregnant even if you don’t have these symptoms. Thebest thing to do is to use pregnancy test if you experienced short period.

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