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Many women have irregular menstrual cycles. If you have cycles that are longer, shorter, or unpredictable, you may have some concerns about how to get pregnant. Irregular periods are something a third of all women suffers from at some point during their lives, and they are caused by factors such as stress, vitamin deficiencies, or even too much exercise. Are you among the woman who have irregular cycles, and you are trying to conceive? Here are some tips for you.

Why are your periods irregular?

If you have been having irregular periods only for a short amount of time, it would be good to examine the possible causes. Stress, though a common culprit, is very hard to bring under control sometimes. Still, working out that long-term conflict with your boss or even changing your job altogether may do the trick. Sometimes, counseling or making a plan to pay off debts helps. Sometimes, your stress is actually caused by trying to conceive. If you can make the stress go away, your periods may be more regular too. Pay attention to the way you eat, and exercise regularly if you can. Professional athletes may have irregular periods due to too much exercise, while obese women can also have irregular cycles. And hormonal imbalances are another possible cause of irregular menstrual cycles. If you are hoping to find out what the reason is, seeing a doctor may give you the answer.

Can I still get pregnant with irregular periods?

You can certainly try! Women with irregular periods don't benefit from tools like an ovulation calendar, and when they conceive, it may be hard to know exactly when conception took place. Using ovulation calendars every day to find out when you ovulate may be expensive, but it can be one of the most effective ways to encourage pregnancy with irregular periods. Bulk buying ovulation tests online may be a good option for you!

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