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XYY syndrome is a genetic condition which occurs only in men. It used to be called super-male syndrome and it was suspected that sufferers are predisposed to criminal and violent behavior, due to the large number of these individuals who were in those days in the prisons and mental facilities. It is known today that this information is not true and that there are people with this syndrome who are not in prisons or in mental institutions. They tend to have problems with learning, particularly in reading and speaking, and they are usually tall people, but not violent as it was believed. However, there are still some people who think that those who suffer from this condition are aggressive, and that problem must be solved by educating people about this syndrome.


This syndrome is developed as a mistake in dividing chromosomes after fertilization of an ovary. The last pair of chromosomes is called sex chromosomes, and that pair determines the gender of the baby, meaning that if it is XX - then it is a female, while in case it is XY - then it is a male baby. In this syndrome, there is one Y chromosome more in the last pair of chromosomes and that is why the baby must be a boy. Today we can say for certain that this problem is not caused by hereditary factors. According to the statistics, it hits one in 1000 babies, though this information is not accurate because the babies with this condition are not different from other babies, so many aren't even aware of it.

Individuals with this condition are not different from other boys, except that they are taller than the average boys of their age. They are usually uncoordinated, inelegant and clunky, and they can also have skin problems such as inflamed pimples during early adolescence. They usually don’t have abnormalities in sex life and fertility, and there is no information about whether these individuals are likely to have children with the same condition. Although they have problems with learning, their IQ is normal. There are studies which show that these persons can have problems with hyperactivity and controlling their urges, and they may also have emotional problems such as decreased self-pride because of the problems in learning or clumsiness.


Today there are methods to reveal whether the embryo will have this kind of condition, but they can affect pregnancy and even cause miscarriage. Even though this is a genetic condition, it can be very benign with the proper treatment. There are different therapies that are successful in solving all the difficulties that these individuals might have, and fortunately, they can lead normal and quality life with the help of experts.

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