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What is Intermittent ExplosiveDisorder?

We all cope with problems andtroublesome situations differently. Some of us are capable of dealingwith problems in a peaceful and relaxed way, knowing how not to letthese situations take the best of us. However, there are people who,even though they are completely normal and friendly most of the time,when provoked by many different factors react violently throughoutbursts of anger and destructive behavior. There is a highlikelihood that these people suffer from a problem calledintermittent explosive disorder. Namely, they would never do thethings they do when they are negatively stimulated, nor would theythink they are capable of breaking things, throwing things around,acting wildly and even hurting someone. Yet, there are certain signswhich can help us determine whether a person is suffering from thiscondition or not. The symptoms of intermittent explosive disorder or,short, IED are listed below.

Causes and Manifestations of IED

With most psychological and mentaldisorders, the beginning of the problem is rooted deeply into asufferer's childhood. There are cases where this is true for IED aswell. However, not all children succumbed to the aggressive behaviorof their parents. On the contrary, there are mild and self-controlledpeople who come from families whose members were fighting all thetime. Exceptions are always possible and present. Nevertheless,family can be a strong reason for developing IED later in life.

Genetics can be of the essence, too.Namely, if you have the “wild” gene installed in your organism,you will be the ticking bomb waiting to explode both on those whodeserve it and on those who do not. Having an aggressive family cantherefore be a sign that you might have IED yourself.

Of course, being exposed to violence,having certain inferiority complexes, peer pressure and many otherthings can also be the potential causes of this disorder.

As for the symptoms, there are peoplewith IED who, when provoked or challenged go to the very extent ofhearing voices telling them to fight back and react violently. Thisforce within you can be a very good sign of something going wrong.

All people should be allowed to make achoice regarding their reactions in intimidating situations. However,those with IED cannot do anything else but fight and go wild,affected by the overwhelming feeling which they cannot possiblysuppress. Moreover, these sudden episodes of boiling anger, takingplace out of nowhere are a clear sign of this disorder.

Once you turn into an angry monster,people around you, especially those you direct your rage at, arebound to get scared. If you do not notice that, there is a highlikelihood you suffer from IED. Also, once you cool down, you aresuppose to feel remorse for what you have done since this is animportant indicator.

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