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Thyroid gland

Irregular periods followed by tiredness can indicate that there are problems regarding thyroid gland. In this article, we will discuss what the common symptoms of the thyroid gland malfunction in women are. The thyroid gland is located in our neck and it is in a shape of a butterfly. It secretes two hormones in our bloodstream and they are regulating various functions of our body. Thyroid gland is responsible for metabolic processes in our body, pulse and temperature.

Both women and man can suffer from thyroid malfunction, but it hits women more frequently. Problems with thyroid gland can cause some milder difficulties, but they can also disturb us in every day functioning and cause discomfort. We distinguish two types of thyroid problems; one is called hypothyroidism and the other hyperthyroidism. Hypothyroidism is characterized by lower secretion of thyroid hormones than needed, while hyperthyroidism is a condition where thyroid gland produces more hormones than it is necessary.

Common symptoms of thyroid problems in women

The symptoms of the thyroid gland malfunction will depend on the type of the problem. As we have mentioned earlier, there are two specific types of thyroid problems.

If a woman suffers from hypothyroidism, then the most common symptoms will be changes in her menstruation. Women with this problem have irregular periods that are occurring less frequent than they normally should. The lack of thyroid hormones can also cause pain during periods, but women can also experience heavy bleeding, or because of losing too much blood, they can feel exhausted and worn out. This problem can also cause difficulties with evacuating the bowels.

When suffering from hyperthyroidism, women also experience alterations in menstrual cycle. This condition can cause periods to stop occurring for some time, but it more often results in light periods. If periods are gone, women can experience signs of menopause like sleeping difficulties, hot flashes and mood alterations.

Other symptoms of thyroid problems

Women with this problem don’t experience only changes in menstrual cycle, but also some other difficulties. Thyroid disorders can negatively affect a woman’s fertility. It is important for women to treat this condition if they want to stay pregnant or if they are already carrying a baby. In pregnant women, this condition can cause baby loss, so it is much safer to treat thyroid problem. Also, thyroid disorders can increase the risk of developing cysts in the ovaries or in the breasts.

If you have problems with thyroid gland, don’t despair because there are different solutions that are effective. Seek for medical help and you will easily solve these problems.

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