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As many other magazines about fitness, Shape has features which re-appear in every issue. Basically, these are Editor's Letter and Hot Lines. The former is a favorite of many readers and they go through it with pleasure while the latter, also quite popular, is all about the readers themselves, allowing them to present their own attitudes, regarding the magazine. Moreover, if your article gets in the magazine, you are bound to get a prize. This makes this magazine unique and human, allowing people to join in the fun and enjoy every page they go through, learning more about their passion-fitness.

Qualities of Shape

Shape, as it was mentioned above, is quite a remarkable magazine, with many different, but never dull, columns. Many people read through weight loss stories first, searching through them the motivation necessary for advancement in their workout plans or diet programs. Either way, it is good to read about some regular person achieving an amazing weight loss since you can relate to the story. Once a person deserves to be in this part of the magazine, he/she tells all about his/her life and the changes which lead to the weight loss.Inside and Out

Since the heart of every magazine is the inside matter, containing stories, articles, news and other such constituents, Shape truly has a big heart. All the articles it contains are masterfully written and contain precise, logical and simply-put information, allowing other to follow the instructions and enjoy getting their body in good shape. If you know where to look, Shape can even grant your whole family a great workout routine and a guide through a healthy lifestyle which you should follow through every issue.

As for the aesthetic qualities, these are great too. Basically, the magazine is colorful and contains great photos. The colors give the magazine additional organization and a better overview, helping people find what they are looking for more easily. Shape is not limited by age. Thus, you and your children may read it together, because it contains information for each and every one of you, regardless of the age, sex or preferences.

Finally, in Shape, everything is related to health. You are not bombarded with random solutions and methods of exercising. You get a carefully organized whole through which you can easily manage to find everything you need and even more. So, if you want to know everything from how to get the best meals on the go to how to lose 20 pounds in the shortest timespan possible, read Shape.

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