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Low sperm count or oligospermia is a condition where a man has less sperms than he should have had. It is estimated that normal sperm count is about 20 million sperms per one milliliter of semen.

Low sperm count lowers the chances of conceiving a child. This can be a huge problem for the many couples. In such situation a treatment is required for both a man and a woman.

Fertility can be improved by proper diet, healthy lifestyle and consumption of certain herbal supplements such as maca. If alternative therapies do not solve the problem, couples can undergo in vitro fertilization.

Low sperm count usually has no symptoms. The only symptom is inability to conceive a baby. If you had regular sex with your partner without a protection and she could not become pregnant it is possible that you have low sperm count.

Another possible reason for not being able to conceive a child is hormonal disbalance (due to genes or life under constant stress) or a physical blockage of sperm channel. Members of the same family can sometimes have testicle problems.

Beside fertility problems low sperm count can be followed by low libido or erectile dysfunction (condition where a man cannot keep erection).

If you see a lump or swelling in testicle area or if you experience pain you need to visit your physician. All these can result in low sperm count.

Alternative therapies such as acupuncture, taking food supplements, practicing yoga may help treating testicle problems. Another option is surgery such as correction of swollen vein.

In order to have sufficient sperm count your testicles need to function properly. Hypothalamus and pituitary glands discharge hormones that influence sperm production and therefore these glands need to be healthy as well.

Other factors that need to be satisfied in order to have healthy sperm are sperm shape (morphology) and their movement (motility).

Low sperm count can be a consequence of infection. If your lab test shows that you have to much white blood cells you need to visit your doctor. He or she will probably give you antibiotics. However, constant usage of antibiotics is not good for sperm count.

If you suffer from low sperm levels that are a result from hormonal disbalance your doctor can prescribe hormonal medications or hormone replacement.

Assisted reproductive technology (ART) is a term for different treatments such as in vitro fertilization. If couples tried to solve the fertility problems in all possible ways and they still cannot have baby they can try with these treatments. In such cases sperm is taken from a man and injected into woman’s egg. Another way is surgery in which an egg is taken from woman's ovary and after injecting sperm returned into uterus.

In severe cases of man’s or woman’ infertility a couple can adopt a child or use sperm from a donor.

Before deciding to undergo medical treatments for infertility try increasing the number of sexual intercourses.

Bear in mind, though, that ejaculating more frequently than every two days can lower the sperm count.

Try having sex in the middle of woman’s menstrual cycle that is during female ovulation.

When you approach ovulation period, have sex every two days. Since sperm can stay alive a couple of days it will be present in woman when her ovary is ready to be fertilized.

It is important to find sperm-safe lubricants since the regular lubricants can interfere with sperm motility.

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