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People who have a pale complexion tend not to tan that muchor even at all because of the lack of pigmentation in their skin. On thecontrary, if they expose themselves to the sun too much they will most probablysuffer from sunburn. That’s why tanning oils and sunscreens that offer minimumprotection from the sun are completely out of the question for them. Sunscreenswith a medium or high factor, depending on the skin type, are the choice forsuch people, as well as making sure that they are not under the exposure of thesun constantly, but that they should take some breaks from it and go in theshade.

The risk of skin cancer

On the other hand, there are those people are lucky to havethe type of skin that can reach a nice bronze color, but they shouldn’texaggerate either. While they might not burn in the sun or their skin doesn’tpeel as soon as it gets some color, they run a great risk of skin cancer. Thesun is known to have a harmful effect on the skin more and more these days,therefore, sunburn might just be the least of someone’s worries.

Another way that the person might develop skin cancer is bygoing to the tanning salons. They are everything but healthy and the risk ofthis dangerous disease is quite high. Exposure to the sun in everydaysituations that is impossible to avoid can be sufficiently harmful, not tomention when going to the seaside. That’s why no one should even think to visittanning salons on top of all of that just for the sake of some tan. It’s simplynot worth the risk.

How to acquire a tan in a healthy way

The simplest way to acquire a tan in a healthy way is byusing self-tanners. Fortunately, they now exist in many variations and are veryeasy to use. People who avoid them usually do so because they frequently hearabout someone’s previous bad experience where the color turned out to be unevenor some ridiculous orange shade. However, this usually isn’t about the qualityof the product but the fact that people tend to not be patient enough whenapplying self-tanners. When the instructions are followed exactly and theperson makes sure that the skin is dry, they shouldn’t look nothing short ofnatural. A more expensive way to acquire a healthy tan is to go and get a spraytan professionally but the chances of something going wrong there arevirtually non-existent.

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