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Because of the increase in the number of people around the world that are obese, there has also been an increase in the number of various methods that are being offered to help people with their weight problems.

When diets are not enough, people are even resorting to counseling and psychotherapy in order to cure their weight problems.

If you are browsing the Internet casually, you will no doubt see a lot of sites that are claiming that obesity can be cured through hypnosis.

However, whether this is true or not is up to the experts to decide, not the people trying to sell you their 20 dollar hypnosis video online.

Hypnosis indeed suffers from a great amount of misrepresentation in the media, especially from those people looking to earn a quick buck from it.

If one looks carefully at scientific research regarding the links between weight loss and hypnosis, one can see that it is far from proven as an effective dieting method.

Websites to avoid

More of the Internet sites that sell videos and audio tapes of hypnotherapy for curing obesity are probably not going to help.

There are many desperate people however, who are not informed well enough on hypnosis and are so desperate to lose weight after trying every possible diet that they may give in an try these advertised methods as well.

Some even claim drastic results, such as people losing over 100 pounds after just one session. When a person sees something like this, they need to trust their instincts and avoid falling for such hyperbole.

Most of the people that represent themselves as experts in these infomercials are anything but so it is important to be aware that these kinds of fraudulent people exist and that these kinds of methods need to be avoided, because there is an incredibly good chance that they will not work.

Real research

However, there are some studies that have been done regarding links between hypnosis and weight loss that are often encouraging, even though they are fairly inconclusive.

Some studies showed that hypnosis combined with behavioral weight management programs can garner excellent results.

However, in cases that were significantly successful, they were led by professionals very closely and the hypnosis and management program was custom-fitted and tailored to each individual, which is not the case with the videos and audio books being sold on the Internet claiming to work.

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