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Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) belongs to a group of mental illnesses that are called anxiety disorders. In most cases post-traumatic stress disorder appears when you experience some traumatic event. That event can make you feel afraid and horrified. For some people, some adjusting to a new environment, a new job or schools can create trauma, but it lasts a short period of time. On the other hand, some people can have difficulty adapting to environment or finding the inner piece, and due to that post-traumatic disorder occurs. It would be best if one could ask for treatment immediately after the first symptoms occur.

Causes of PTSD

According to scientists, there is a mixture of different causes that are contributing to post-traumatic disorder development. Mental conditions such as anxiety and depression that are inherited can cause PTSD. If you have been experiencing a lot of violence and trauma from your early ages, you can be more liable to developing this disorder than the others. Your traits may be predisposed to PTSD development and therefore, you may experience this condition when triggered. Your response to stress is also very important for PTSD development.

Risk factors

There are some things that can happen and you can be in danger from PTSD development. Those things are nowadays known and they belong to the risk factors in PTSD. The PTSD doesn’t choose age or gender and it may occur at any age, but generally people who suffer from PTSD are mainly the men who experienced combat in war. That war PTSD is called in another words "shell shock," "battle fatigue" or "combat stress." But, according to statistics, women are four times more liable to PTSD than men, and it is believed that the reason for that is the increased risk from sexual violence. Event that may cause PTSD include exposure to combat, rape, neglect and abuse during childhood, sexual molestation and in a case of women, physical abuse during childhood may later result in PTSD.

There are many other things that can affect our mental health and cause PTSD. In fact, every happening that steps out from the regular one can leave influence on us, and due to the severity, it may cause PTSD development. People who were abused in their childhood can suppress those memories for years, even decades, and once they are revealed, a men can deal with the PTSD.


The main thing in the treatment of PTSD is to confront with the event that caused it and get a support. Family and friends may be very good listeners and will support you in your effort to deal with the PTSD. No matter what kind of support you decide on, weather it is professional or family, you may be sure that your symptoms will slowly begin to vanish and in some time, you will think less about that traumatic event.

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