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How to increase collage naturally

Not a lot of people know that collagen is responsible for the prevention of age lines and wrinkles. This is the main reason why people are so interested in it, especially as they get older. Almost every person in the world is not happy when he or she ages and that is why these people will do anything that can be done in order to delay old age. Wrinkles, lines and sagging skin are some of the things that show that people are becoming old and it is exactly these things that people want to prevent from being visible and apparent. The main reason why the skin becomes sagging and people get wrinkles is because the levels of collagen and elastin deplete with age. This is why people are looking for ways to increase the levels of collagen as they grow older. People should know that there are a lot of ways people can increase the levels of collagen but it is best that it be done naturally.

How to increase collagen production – natural means

Not a lot of people know that collagen is a kind of protein and that it provides good-looking skin, nails and hair, along with keratin. A person with high levels of collagen will have an elastic and smooth skin and the lines will not be visible.

Reduce external effects

This is one of the ways a person can increase collagen production naturally. First of all, people need to make sure to protect the skin and reserves of collagen that are already present in the body. The sun and its harmful effects are one of the main reasons why collagen levels reduce. This is why people need to avoid excessive exposure to the sun. When they do, it is important to protect the skin. Following a skin care routine is also important in order for the health of the skin to be kept.

Eat the right kind of foods

A person can increase collagen levels by consuming the right foods. Some of the best foods for this purpose are those rich in vitamins C and K. Foods that contain certain nutrients like geistein and hyaluronic should be included in the diet more. That means that people should eat more green leafy vegetables, soy products, beans and citrus fruits.


Apart from eating the right foods, a person can also use vitamin C and vitamin K supplements. Taking supplements is the best way to avoid deficiency.

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