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Beauty is something of an obsession in the modern world. Everyone, to some degree, wants to be thin and beautiful and many are willing to do whatever it takes in order to achieve this goal. Spas and healing centers are now offering many different and attractive ways to lose weight and stay healthy. One of these new methods, that is attracting attention is, a seaweed wrap.

So what exactly is a Seaweed Body Wrap?

There are a wide variety of ingredients for body wraps that are readily available in many spas. Some of these ingredients include mud, algae, clay, seaweed and various types of creams. With a seaweed wrap, the entire body is massaged. The use of essential oils is also employed in this type of massage. The seaweed is brushed or scrubbed onto the body and then you are wrapped up tightly in a plastic sheet. You will remain wrapped for about twenty minutes, then the seaweed wrap is rinsed off, before a masseur or masseuse applies body lotion.


Seaweed wraps are said to have many benefits for our bodily health. Amongst these benefits are detoxification, water weight reduction, cellulite reduction and the toning and tightening of the body. Seaweed wraps won't really help you lose weight, and any weight loss you do experience is likely to be temporary. Some wraps will involve the use of lotions that use shea butter and other related ingredients. These wraps will help to hydrate the skin and make it softer. Body wraps are also said to improve blood circulation, increase metabolism and improve the appearance of stretch marks.

These benefits are not likely to be experienced right away. Undergoing a couple of these wrapping sessions might be necessary in order for positive results to become visible. This method should not be confused with a weight loss program. If you are overweight, undergoing seaweed wrap treatment is not the way to go about shedding the pounds. The only things that will help to do that are regular exercise and the maintenance of a healthy diet. However, seaweed wraps are a great enhancement to most fitness regimes.

Those who are pregnant, menopausal or who suffer from heart or thyroid conditions should not undergo the seaweed wrap treatment.

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