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When it comes to health, there are but few rules to follow: donot eat more than necessary, exercise as much as possible, and use healthysupplements. Physical activity and healthy eating are basics. It shouldnot be anything strenuous and restrictive. Activity can be a simple walk in anearby park, well, with a bit faster pace. As for healthy eating, it isimportant to eat healthy food without any junk and to eat at least 5 smaller meals in aday. Also, an occasional piece of cake is acceptable as long as it does notbecome a habit. Also, physical activity applied should change as often aspossible. One day walking, next day some light exercises with swimming once ina week should be more than enough.


The interesting thing is the use of supplements. Actually,many flaws that we make with not eating properly and with being physically inactivecan be compensated with the smart use of supplements. Those supplements must beas natural as possible, so we are talking about herbal products, including teas,juices, extracts, oils etc. One of the more interesting properties of manyherbal products is the role the antioxidants have. They are battling andfinally eliminating many unwanted substances from the organism, especially freeradicals, which can potentially be very dangerous. Herbal products also haveinfluence when it comes to functioning of the digestive system. There is acertain role in a weight reduction process, and in cases of some herbs, the mechanism isnot exactly known, while for others it is known that they act as fat binders and appetitesuppressants. There are also some more powerful herbs that might have animportant role in the metabolism of hormones. For example, saw palmetto forwomen has several, very interesting effects.

Saw palmetto

This is actually a product used for dealing with men'sproblems with prostate. But it also has many interesting and positive benefitsfor women too. It acts as a stimulant for hair growth, it can deal with acnes,regulate blood pressure, and also it boosts the levels of prolactin, femalehormone that directly influences the size of breasts (normally increased in pregnancy).There is no scientific proof for all these effects, but there are many storiesthat come from women who have been using palmetto, and nothing but good thingscan be heard. Still, before trying palmetto or any other herbalproduct, it is of utmost importance to go for a medical examination, if nothing else, then to see iof there might be some allergic reaction to palmetto.

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