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Many people today undergo colonic irrigation therapy for different reasons. Some do it to prevent certain diseases related to the colon, some already have problems that can be solved or aided with colon irrigation, and some simply want to expel all the possible toxins and waste products accumulated in the body.

Colonic irrigation often sounds very uncomfortable and even frightening, which is why many people hesitate when it comes to this form of treatment. The best way to overcome the fear and the anxiety is to learn about the procedure itself.

Colonic irrigation procedure

Colonic irrigation or colon hydrotherapy is a procedure that aims to clean the colon from the waste matters accumulated there overtime. This improves the overall health condition of the colon, prevents diseases related to it, expels the toxins from the body and even promotes weight loss.

In the procedure, the therapist infuses large amounts of liquid into the colon, using a tube inserted into the rectum. The fluids are introduced with low pressure, and they usually consist of pure water, although sometimes they are mixed with other substances, such as herbal preparations, enzymes, even coffee.

The usual recommendation is to have three sessions in a row, with an interval of seven to ten days. The extent of the treatment, however, depends on the overall health status of the patient. In some cases the first two sessions are enough to expel all the impurities and the accumulated plaque, so the third session is not always needed.

The procedure is not painful but it does cause some discomfort in the area. Sometimes therapists administer mild sedatives to the clients, to help them relax. An average duration of colon irrigation procedure is 45 minutes.

Colonic irrigation costs

The costs of colonic irrigation procedure vary from state to state and from city to city. In some states it can cost from $55 to $100 per session. Some hydrotherapists offer discount prices that can range as low as $5 to $15. However, this only applies if the procedure is paid in full for all three sessions, and the problem is, sometimes therapists pay less attention to the clients who used a discount.

Most health insurance plans do not cover colon irrigation therapy. However, it is recommended to always consult the health insurance agent and see if there are any benefits regarding this type of treatment. It is also recommended to ask the therapist if he or she have had patients whose insurance covered the procedure.

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