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Obesity is very common in the modern world, and can vary in forms from person to person. In some people, the condition can be tackled simply through proper dieting and exercise. However, some obese people do not respond well to this type of treatment. Many will have tried hard to lose weight but have failed. In these cases, obesity might be attributed to certain genetic factors.

Link Between Obesity and Genetics

In general, obesity is normally not caused by genetics. The majority of people do not suffer from the genetic mutations that cause obesity. A genetic predisposition may not always lead to obesity becoming manifest, but the risk of the occurrence of obesity is certainly heightened in those who suffer from these kinds of mutations. Studies have shown that biological relative do share common threads in the case of body weight maintenance. Our genetics can also play a part in how efficient or inefficient our diets will be.

Genetic mutations of this type are normally passed down through a family. However, the mutations will not be identical through the generations. Other factors, such as environment, upbringing and diet will determine the effect that the genetic mutation will have. That is to say, type of mutation can vary with regard to risk level between family members.Approach to Treatment

It stands to reason, one cannot change ones genes. However, this does not mean we are condemned to a life of obesity merely because of our families’ biological history. We can take steps to prevent the occurrence of obesity. Our behavior can affect the way our weight is lost and gained.

Even small losses of weight can provide large-scale benefits. Weight loss is always good with regard to those in whom it is a requirement, no matter what the scale might be. If one commits to regular physical activity, one will experience benefits in several regards, but particularly in terms of lowered blood pressure, increased cardiorespiratory fitness and overall well-being.

Generally, treatment for obesity will focus on weight loss through proper dieting and physical exercise. In the majority of cases, this will be effective as prevention. However, for those who are already overweight, it might be necessary to approach the situation by looking into appetite control. From a scientific perspective, understanding the root causes of the genetic variations that play a part in the development of obesity can give us much information in this regard. It is important to remember that obesity might possibly manifest due to biological reasons rather than as a result of a flaw in character.

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