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Studies prove that male infertility is on the rise mostly because of the low sperm count. Reasons for that could lie in genes, infection, sedentary lifestyle and lifestyle changes, perhaps in smoking, drug abuse, mental stress, work pressure, alcohol, hypertension, obesity, BPA in cans, environment pollution, pesticides what else?

This only leads to conclusion that more and more men will be infertile and the only way they will be able to impregnate their partner is through the help of artificial insemination. They will be forced to resort to medical, surgical reproductive treatment if they want their partners to conceive. In the last 30 years we have witnessed huge development in the field of reproductive technology, the revolution came with IVF aka in vitro fertilization, and with ICSCI, intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection. Both technologies surpass natural conception and both are very complex. More than millions babies worldwide have been conceived by these new techniques. Both IVF and ICSI are suggested when couple is dealing with low sperm count, and in cases when low sperm count can t be improved by surgery or otherwise.

The most recent technologies have used robotics and microsurgical assisted techniques to improve sperm counts. This helps a couple to conceive in a more natural way and it avoids the use of IVF and ICSCI in cases of low sperm count or other cases when male infertility factor is involved. With the advance in microsurgery and robot assisted microsurgery, the chance of sperm reappearance rate can be as high as 80% while without the use of revolutionary techniques the chance of sperm reappearance is very low as low as 5%. In cases of low sperm production because of enlarged veins surrounding the testes (varicocele), surgery promised up to 60% success rate. The main advantage of revolutionary robot assisted microsurgery is that natural conception is possible without the agony of going through multiple IVF or ICSCI cycles. In conclusion, these recent revolutionary discoveries in robotics have enabled male partners to conceive in a more natural way.

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