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Shoulder Blades Pain

There are several possible causes for pain in the shoulder blades. We will deal with this problem in the following text. The shoulder is a joint that is active constantly when we move, but while we rest, it does not move. This most unstable body joint can cause pain due to a physical action we have been doing. We have already mentioned that shoulder is involved in every movement of the body. We have to bring attention that pain in the shoulder is nothing to neglect so see a doctor as soon as it appears. If treatment is not conducted, it may lead to more severe problems. The pain usually starts from the first four vertebrae muscles and goes to the shoulder blades corners. The pain we are talking about is felt in the shoulders, but it can be felt in the neck as well. The strength of the shoulder can be reduced by the burning pain, which can also be present.


One of the causes is the gallbladder pain, which advances towards the shoulders. It can lead to vomiting, nausea and gas. Both shoulders can be affected by this problem. There are several diseases that cause gallbladder pain, which can be present for hours and then gone, are they are kidney stones, pneumonia, heartburn, back pain and gastric ulcers. Next possible cause is angina pectoris, which causes heavy chest pain felt mostly between the shoulder blades, throat and abdomen. There are several causes for this type of pain, such as fat meal, extreme cold, physiological stress and other physical activities.

Disc diseases and arthritis can cause shoulder blades pain. The pain with these diseases starts from the neck, unlike the gallbladder pain, which starts from the abdomen. This type of pain is experienced in head, hands, arms and other body parts. The neck turning to a side can be caused by the arthritis and it is called torticollis. Other symptoms of these diseases are bottom skull pain, which creates shoulder and neck weakness and numb fingers. Shoulder blades pain, feeling of a full stomach, yellowish skin and a lump on the right side of the ribcage are symptoms of a liver cancer.

Another possible cause of the pain between the shoulder blades is the esophageal cancer. Aortic dissection, blood coughing up, eating disorders, pain during swallowing and a feeling of food being stuck in the throat are other symptoms of this type of cancer. This disease can lead to very serious complications, so a prompt treatment is crucial. Lifting a heavy object can cause shoulder pain and the pain caused by this will vary. Pressure will influence the location of the pain, which can be felt in the right or left shoulder. Be careful when doing some activities and always see a doctor if you are having shoulder blade pain problem.

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