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Problems with ear pressure can lead to irritation and annoyance. The causes for these occurrences may be of varied nature. For the most part, the problems occur as a result of a malfunction in the Eustachian tube. This tube connects the middle ear to the back of the nose and it opens and closes during yawning and swallowing. Such movements help to balance the pressure between the middle ear and the environment. If the tube does not function properly, this can lead to problems such as blocked ears, earache, loss of hearing or a build up of ear pressure. Infections can occur as a result of wax build up, sinus, cold, allergy or barotraumas.


You can also try closing one of your nostrils with a finger. Then, gently blow your nose. Make sure not to use too much force, as this can lead to ear pain. Otherwise, find some paper towels and wet them with some hot water. Place the towels over your ear and sleep on your side. The affected ear should not be facing the bed or pillow. The heat from the towel should force the ear to open up. A decongestant or nasal spray might also help with this kind of problem. These products are particularly effective with regard to pressure that is caused by sinus infections.

Yawning can provide some relief as well in some cases. It helps to open the Eustachian tube, thus allowing the pressure of the middle ear to find a balance with the outside environment. Eating chewing gum or hard candy can also help to relieve the pressure in the ear.

Sinus infections

Sinus infections themselves are very common causes of ear pressure build-up. When the sinus cavities begin to swell up or become inflamed, sinus pressure might also begin to concurrently build up. There are some home remedies that can help with this problem.

Try drinking plenty of fluids, as this should help with the dilution of mucus. Warm compresses can also help. Place a cloth soaked in hot water over the ear. Taking hot showers or steaming the head might also help. Try steaming for about twenty minutes, and this should help a lot with regard to the relief of ear pressure. Over the counter decongestants might also help with regard to pressure build up. Saline nasal sprays will provide similar benefits, and can also assist in ridding the body of allergens. These sprays normally come with appropriately-shaped bottles.

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