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Cerebral palsy is a general term that refers to the disorder of motor functions. This disorder is not contagious or progressive and it usually develops during pregnancy or childbirth. Cerebral palsy affects a part of the brain called cortex and its connection to the other parts of the brain. The consequences of this disorder can be difficulties in cognition and perception. The patient may also have problems with coordination and reflexes. Some of the symptoms can be spasms, involuntary movements or problems with balance.

There are various treatments for cerebral palsy, such as physiotherapy, orthotic therapy, speech therapy, biofeedback, hyperbaric oxygen therapy or conductive education. The best thing for the patient is to start with any kind of therapy as soon as possible. The choice of treatment also depends on the severity of the condition. One of the treatments is also herbal treatment. Some cases show that herbal remedies from India can help the patients with cerebral palsy. One of such medications are drops which are made of garlic, marigold and tulsi. There are claims that Ayurvedic medicine can be useful. Medicine Mehya is supposed to be good for damaged brain cells. Other herbal medicines from India consist of the herbs which can be found there, such as Bacopa monnieri, Centella asiatica and Convolvulus pluricaulis. A massage with Maha-Narayan oil can be therapeutic as well. There is also the G-therapy developed in India. It is herbal treatment which has helped many patients with cerebral palsy.

In some cases, homeopathic treatment called CalcPhos can be used or treatment with zinc sulfate. Homeopathic treatment varies from one patient to another since the homeopathic remedies are made differently for each patient. Some of the herbs which people have been using for centuries can also have a positive effect on the patient with cerebral palsy. Some of these herbs are chamomile, lime flowers, lavender, elderflower, garlic and thyme. The herbs cannot cure the patient completely, but they can be helpful in treating some other complications.

Massage or yoga, especially hatha yoga can be helpful in easing the symptoms. Massage can relax or strengthen the muscles and keep the flexibility of the joints. Breathing exercises which are practiced in hatha yoga can help in prevention of lung infections.

No matter which treatment you chose to proceeds, it is important to seek advice from your doctor. In some cases the combination of alternative and modern medicine can provide optimal results.

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