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Warm up before a Massage?

There are claims that massages are likecardiovascular exercises. Therefore, we are best to get into shapebefore indulging into them. Namely, we should perform some warm-upexercises before the very massage session and some cooling exercises afterward in order to relax our muscles. However, when we take intoconsideration that, while we are undergoing massages, all we need todo is to switch our body position from lying on our back to lying onour sides or stomach, many see little logic behind this necessity forworking out before massages take place.

Nevertheless, we are to learn moreabout massages before we can even discuss about this claim.Therefore, the following lines will dwell upon this mystery and givetheir best to explain it.

The Unknown Facts about Massage

Hot stone massage is one of the mostpopular massage types due to various benefits they bring to your lifeand well-being in general. Namely, these massages relax our muscles,improving our range of mobility and lowering our heart rate. Also,hot stone massage makes our blood pressure lower, at the same timebettering our blood circulation. Finally, it stimulates theproduction of endorphins, our body's natural painkiller and feel goodhormones.

Yet, these massages are unable to boostyour muscle mass. Then, the purpose behind warming up for it seems tobe absent. However, taking into consideration that these massagesactivate some of our muscles which have been neglected and weak,there is a certain need for getting prepared for this.

All in all, even though hot stonemassage is not about heavy workout, it does activate you physically.Therefore, it is best for you to do a set of warm-up exercises beforeenjoying the massage itself.

So, we are still to answer the questionabout the necessity of these workouts. Well, the the answer is a bitambivalent. Basically, you do not need to stretch and warm up beforea massage or to jog a bit after it. Still, you need to prepare yourmuscles by relaxing them. Soothing music may do the trick here, aswell as incense. After the massage itself, your muscles will need toreturn into their previous state. For this to happen, you can drink acup of green tea or take a nap. Thus, certain transitions are neededbetween your massage sessions, even though these are not completelyphysical and do not require excessive workouts.

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