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Cortisol is not an illegal anabolic steroid used for muscle-building.

It is a steroid that is naturally processed by the body and it is used for treating cancer or some other serious illnesses. It requires full time doctor supervision in order to heal the disease properly. The most common ones out there on the market are cortisone, Prednisone, methylprednisolone and hydrocortisone. These medications are used to reduce nauseous feelings that comes with chemotherapy and radiations and they kill cancer cells and shrink tumors as a part of the chemotherapy.

These steroids also work miracles in decreasing swelling, the reduction of allergic reactions and in lessening headaches associated with brain tumors. Sometimes they are prescribed to help with sleeping and eating habits, or to just make the patient feel better generally. Cortisol can be taken in the form of an injection, it can be induced intravenously and it also comes in liquid, pill and cream form.

Anabolic steroids can trigger some really extreme side effects but that is not really the case with steroids used for medical treatments. Side effects are usually mild and they last as long as the treatment takes place. As soon as the treatment is over, all side effects will disappear.

Steroids may cause an increase in appetite which may lead to weight gain, most likely in unusual places. Mood swings and vision problems have also been reported in certain cases. A stomach can get upset and may even develop ulcers, osteoporosis is also possible as well as raised blood pressure.

Increased levels of sugar in the blood, even temporary diabetes may occur. Female patients may experience irregularities in their menstrual cycles. Sometimes the steroids can cause Cushing syndrome which can be recognized by by increased facial hair, acne and difficulties in fighting infections. The patent may not have any side effects at all, and even if they occur, in most cases the are largely insignificant compared to the benefits of the medication.

One should never stop taking the medication unless advised to do so by the doctor. The body produces less cortisol while the treatment lasts and it takes some time to revert back to the normal production levels again. If one does not follow these regulations, withdrawal symptoms may be very serious.

The patient should never leave home without a steroid card and a medical alert bracelet, because in case of emergency, it informs the doctors of the patient’s steroid treatment. Doubling up on missed doses is not recommended.

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