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Urinary tract infections

It is estimated that urinary tract infections are, apart from the common cold,the most common infections in the human beings since almost every person comesto suffer from some urinary tract infection at some point of life. The infection may occur in any organ which is the part of this system, although the bladder and urethra infections are the most frequent urinary tractinfection. It is also estimated that the women are at higher risk to develop aurinary tract infections due to their anatomy. The chief culprit for the incidence of urinary tract infection is bacteriaE. coli, which becomes dangerous upon reaching the organs of the urinary tract. When it comes to the treatment of the urinary tract infections, a question israised whether to treat them naturally or to use antibiotics that will kill thebacteria.

Antibiotics for urinary tract infections

When one comes to the doctor reporting the symptoms that are typical for someurinary tract infection, the doctor prescribes almost immediately some antibiotic.Even though the antibiotics are effective in killing the bacteria, they havealso many negative effects. Since the antibiotics are prescribed more than ever even for some mild ailment, there is a treat that the bacteria will become resistant to the antibiotics gradually, due to their frequent or prolonged use. As a consequence,the bacteria will again start to overproduce when the person thinks that he/sheis cured.

Furthermore, while killing the bad bacteria the antibiotics annihilatethe good bacteria at the same time, which can have further consequences and cause some othermedical conditions. There was a study conduced several years ago that showed that even 42% of thebacteria Escherichia coli were resilient to at least one of the twelveantibiotics used in the study.

Natural treatment for urinary tract infection

When one suffers from some urinary tract infection, he/she should first trysome natural remedy for his/her infection before going to a doctor, since thenatural remedies are always a healthier option which has no side effects.The bacteria can also be killed by a proper diet rich in vitamins. It is recommendedto elevate the levels of the acids in the urinary tract in order to destroy theharmful bacteria.There are also certain types of fruits that are proven to provide a great helpwhen the urinary tract infections appear, and these fruits are the berries sincethey contain nondialyzable material that protects the urinary tract from E.coli.

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