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Diet fads and supplement fads implications

Most people are already familiar with the concept of fad diets and fad weight loss supplements, but for those who are not, the most important thing to bear in mind is that the above-mentioned only promise rapid and healthy loss of the excessive weight with people missing out on evident results in the greatest majority of cases. But, even despite this fact, people in America are still all too keen on employing exactly these in their attempt to lose those unwanted additional kilograms, spending as much as 33 billion dollars each year. And it is needles to point out the fact that this is pretty concerning.

Under the “microscope”

When it comes to losing weight by means of some rapid-weight-loss programs and aiders, it is not at all that easy to determine which of those fall into this category and which are considered to be most beneficial. But some of those considered to be quite quick are the following:

Starvation diets – its most popular representative being the master cleanse (too many familiar due to Beyonce). This diet is based on water, maple syrup, lemon juice, and cayenne pepper. Another important fact is that this diet, in its different form, has been present ever since the 1950s, and as an additional benefit it promises complete detoxification of the body as well.Diet pills/diet supplements – are already quite familiar to many who seek to get rid of the excessive weight. What is put forward as their strongest benefit is the ability to block nutrient absorption, boost the person’s metabolism and increase burning of the bad fat.Very-low calorie diets – are considered to be the only quick way to lose weight, which is also medically supervised and thus made even safer and less harmful for the person in question. Important thing that needs to be pointed out is that almost all the data regarding the entire concept of rapid weight loss is actually acquired by means of testing this particular diet.

Given the fact that most of the “tools” for weight loss are of the over-the-counter type, there has not been proper and enough evidence to back all the claims their producers are constantly making. The only rapid diet programme that has been proven to give any results is the very-low calorie diet.

Potential downsides

GallstonesDehydrationMalnutritionImbalance in levels of electrolytesSevere headachesDizzinessExcessive fatigueConstipationMenstrual problemsLoss of hairMuscle lossIrritability

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