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Every single one of us has a pair of tonsils located on eachside deep in the throat. The tonsils form a part of our defense mechanism sincethey prevent the viruses and bacteria, as well as many other pathogens fromentering the lungs by holding them all. Therefore, they are very important forour organism even though many doctors very easily recommend their removal.

Swollen tonsils with white spots

Sometimes, the tonsils get inflamed and they becomeswollen with white spots that form on them causing the feeling that somethingis stuck deep into the throat. These white spots are actually made of calciumand mucus and they may also expend to the roof of the mouth.

Tonsil crypts comprised of soft tissue are manysmall pockets on the surface of the tonsils. The saliva in the mouth gets intothe contact with the lining of the soft tissues. When the food particles aretrapped in the tonsil crypts, the digestive enzymes in the saliva start tobreak them down. Thus, the processed carbohydrates along with mucus andbacteria or viruses mix and harden, forming the white spots. Therefore, swollentonsils with white spots are a condition also called cryptic tonsils.

In the majority of cases, this condition is causedby bacteria present in the mouth and deposits of the produced mucus. Furthermore,cryptic tonsils may also be induced by the salivary glands hyperactivity. The dead

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