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This problem causes irritable bowel syndrome due to the intestine contractions produced by this condition. They can bring a lot of the problems, both mental and physical. They are also called irritable bowel syndrome. Today, the exact cause of this problem is yet unknown. The spastic colons or colon spasms are caused by the infection of the urinary tract. This is what most of professionals think, but it has not been confirmed. Some of the possible causes are some foods, large intestine and colon sensitivity. But there are many studies that came up with different results. Some studies state that undetected infection or immune reaction can lead to colon spasms, while others connect depression and anxiety with spastic colons. There is no exact cause detected, but the problems caused by this condition are known


Abdominal pain is the main symptom of this condition. Diarrhea and constipation are common symptoms, but they depend on the severity of the case and differ from one case to another. Excessive stress, fried foods and menstrual periods can affect this problem and make it worse. Other symptoms include infrequent/irregular bowel movement, nausea, hard stool and vomiting. Also, inability to empty the bowels may be experienced. Mucus in the stool, stomach cramps, inability to release gas are some of the problems associated with the early stage of colon spasms.


The problems caused by this condition can be controlled, but the condition cannot be cured. In order to relieve the pain, diarrhea and constipation, several medications can be used. Polyethylene glycol, lubiprostone and laxatives are given for the bowel movement regularization, while loperamide can help if diarrhea is present. Some problems of colon cramps can be reduced with the use of bile acid. Medications such as antidepressants, dicyclomine and anticholinergic are used for the problems like cramps and pain in the abdomen. Sensitivity of the large intestine or colon can be decreased with the use of antispasmodics and anticholinergics. Food and stress can be the causes of this sensitivity. Cramps and pain can be reduced with painkillers, while antidepressants will help with the depression and anxiety.

Never use a medication before talking with a doctor. Many side effects are possible and by consulting a doctor, you may avoid great problems. The bowel movement can be regulated with the consumption of foods rich in fiber. There are many foods that can help with the colon spasm problem. The foods high is fibers are fruit, vegetables and grains. While you should avoid fatty foods, chocolate, aerated drinks caffeine, alcohol and spicy food, you need to include fiber supplement. Also, do not eat extremely fiber rich food because problems may be created. Try to consume yogurt and butter milk and avoid milk and milk products.

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