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Procedure for breast reduction surgery

People, both women and men, in some situations, decide to reduce the size of their breasts for various reasons. Sometimes this is due to the oversized breasts they have, making their lives harder. In some other situations, like it is the case with men, this procedure is most commonly a choice because of male breasts which are simply aesthetically unpleasant. Of course, some other reasons may exist too.

Either way, many people opt for surgical reduction of the size of their breasts and the following lines are dedicated to providing more information about this fact.

Problem with Oversized Breasts

The reasons behind this form of surgery often lie in three factors – the psychological, the physical and the aesthetic. Namely, a woman may have breasts which are physically incompatible with the rest of the body, being uncomfortable to carry and do daily activities with them. Furthermore, large breasts may be affecting the person's self-image negatively, resulting in mental health problems. Therefore, the reasons for breast reduction surgery can be various.

However, the procedure needs to be done carefully, preserving the sensitivity and lactational capability of the breasts and the nipples.

Sagging and large breasts can trigger various problems in a woman's life. The sagging and weight distribution problems related to the breasts can result in headaches, shoulder and back pain and various other issues related to the health of the affected person. Furthermore, excessively large breasts can lead to blood circulation problems, impaired breathing, chafing of the skin of the chest and problems with finding adequate clothing which conceal the actual size of the breasts. Hence, reduction of the size of the breasts is related to helping a woman overcome psychological, physical and aesthetic problems she might be facing. Self-confidence, self-respect and depression, anxiety and countless other problems, all are related to oversized breasts and all these factors may motivate the affected women to seek medical assistance.

In order to be a suitable candidate for the breast reduction surgery, the affected woman needs to provide medical history information to the surgeon. This information includes the number of children she has given birth to, the breast-feeding practices she used or uses, her plans for pregnancy, information about any allergies she might have or any previous health problems she has endured and all other important facts related to the health problems the woman might be facing. Also, she will need to let the doctor know about the types of health problems she is experiencing due to the size of her breasts, including physical problems and presence of skin irritation or rashes related to the breasts.

Once the doctor has all this information, he/she develops the adequate approach to the breast size reduction. Most commonly, a surgical procedure is necessary for alleviating the symptoms related to the large breast problems.

Surgery for Breast Reduction

The surgery involves the removal of the tissue which is considered to be excessive, leading to oversized breasts. Furthermore, the sagging is removed by lifting the breasts. However, due to the delicate nature of this surgery, the recovery process lasts for about a year and patients need to be patient before noticing any significant effects. Simply, the tissues need to settle upon and into the chest for the true effects of the breast reduction surgery to be visible.

Bear in mind that this surgery cannot be performed once the woman is lactating or has recently stopped lactating. Also, if the surgeon or any other members of the medical staff discover suspicious breast tissues or some other illnesses, the surgery is either postponed or canceled. Finally, the procedure can be made impossible if the patient does not understand the limitations of the capabilities of this surgery or if he/she refuses to sign the consent, accepting the possible medical complications which may emerge during or after the procedure.

The surgery can take several different forms, depending on the technique most suitable for its purpose. Thus, the inferior pedicle technique can be used, being a surgical removal of the requisite quantities of the glandular, adipose or skin tissue. This procedure is very effective for women who suffer from extremely large breasts, even though it commonly produces breasts which appear to take the square-like form later.

On the other hand, the surgeon may opt for vertical scar technique, being very effective, but resulting in several smaller scars which can, fortunately, be removed with mammoplasty. Finally, horizontal scar technique, free-graft technique or liposuction-only technique can be used as well.

Once the surgery is done, smoker women will need to quit their unhealthy habit and avoid taking certain anti-inflammatory drugs and Aspirin since these can lead to increased bleeding. Furthermore, patients will need to follow all the doctor's instructions carefully and thoroughly.

All in all, there are many procedures for breast reduction and many reasons for undergoing the same. Depending on the problems the affected woman may be facing, her doctor chooses the best possible surgery technique for her, leading to the removal of excessive and problematic breast tissue, having a positive effect on the psychological and aesthetic as well as physical health of the patient.

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