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Proactiv Solution

There is abundance of skin care products present on themarket. However, the most used acne treatment worldwide is Proactiv Solution. Thisproduct is used by thousands of customers even though many of them do not havethe necessary information about it. Proactiv Solution appeared on the market in 1995. This skin care product has its cleanser, toner and repairing cream.

The main role of Proactiv Solution cleanser is toclean the skin from filth and various bacteria, as well as from oils. The Proactiv Solution toner has the role to preserve the skin cleanliness and to prevent theskin from accumulating sebum and bacteria for a while. The Proactiv Solution repairing lotion hasthe role to repair the impaired skin. Proactiv Solution is very effective for most peoplewho use it, but in some severe cases it can completely eliminate the acne and acnescars. Therefore, thousands of users of this skin product are satisfiedwith it. However, the Proactiv Solution is not a natural skin care product.

There are also acne treatments that are completely naturaland provide the same effectiveness as Proactiv Solution, but hey are moreexpensive and less known since they are not easily available. For the peoplewho want a holistic treatment for acne, the Proactiv Solution is not the bestchoice for them. The Proactiv Solution cleanser acts like a chemicalpeeling or as an exfoliator, cleaning the skin from dead cells and dirt. However,there are less expensive exfoliators on the market that act the same as Proactiv Solution cleanser.

When the skin is washed and dried, the toner has to be appliedand it is made of benzoyl peroxide, which makes the pores unclogged and prevents thebuildup of sebum. The person should pay much attention when applying tonersince it is important to apply it in proper amounts and according toinstructions. The high amounts of Proactiv Solution toner will result in appearanceof white flakes on the skin. On the other side, if the small amount of toner isapplied, the skin will become extremely dry. However, applying the toner in properamounts makes the skin more radiant and healthier.

It is considered that the most powerful solution ofthese skin care products is the repairing lotion. It is because it is a cream and nota liquid, and it is full of ingredients that reduce the inflammation of the skinand significantly revitalize it. The improvement can be seen even within twodays.

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