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There are a lot of people all over the world who have experienced night sweats at least once during their lives. Night sweats are also known as hot flashes. This is a condition where a person experiences excessive sweating during the night. These night sweats can occur due to some causes but they can also be a sign of some illness. In order to treat the problem of night sweats, a person will first need to treat the underlying cause. A person suffering from this health condition will sweat during night even when it is not too hot. It is not uncommon for the person to wake up and discover his or her nightclothes all soaked. People need to know that in most cases of night sweats, it is nothing serious and people need not worry too much. However, if it is a sign of some underlying health condition, then it can be serious.

Causes of night sweats

In some cases night sweats occur even if the cause is not some disease or a disorder. For instance, most women experience night sweats as they approach menopause. In this case the night sweats are considered to be a symptom of menopause. In other cases, night sweats can be a sign of some more serious disease like tuberculosis, endocarditis, cancer, lymphoma, hypoglycemia or some hormonal disorder. It is not uncommon for people who take certain medications to experience night flashes. Some of these medications are antipyretics like acetaminophen, antidepressant medications, niacin, tomoxifen and hydralazine. A certain condition called idiopathic hyperdrosis can also cause night sweats.

Treatment for night sweats

First of all, a person needs to be properly diagnosed in order to start treating the condition. Discovering the underlying cause is essential. There is no one treatment for night sweats and the cause will determine it. For instance, the treatment for night sweats caused by cancer will differ from treatment from night sweats caused by tuberculosis. On the other hand, night sweats experienced by women who are in menopause are considered to be normal and common. This problem is usually treated with hormone therapy.

Natural treatment for night sweats

A person who wishes to treat the problem of night sweats will need to make some changes in his or her lifestyle. Apart from including more fruits and vegetables to the diet, a person will also need to stop smoking and drinking alcohol, among other things. Dealing with stress and anxiety is important part for the process as well.

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